Common errors in statistics

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Auteur : Phillip I. Good, James W. Hardin

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textbook for students who have taken an undergraduate course or two in statistics, and know in theory about the various methods, but not necessarily how or when to use them. It revisits familiar terms and concepts in a mathematically rigorous but non-technically written foundation for statistical procedures

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Common errors in statistics

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Rafoo Abood

Publié le 2020-01-20 22:37:35

textbook for students who have taken an undergraduate course or two in statistics, and know in theory about the various methods, but not necessarily how or when to use them. It revisits familiar terms and concepts in a mathematically rigorous but non-technically written foundation for statistical procedures

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Formation of spiral and elliptical galaxies in a CDM cosmogony

The formation of galaxies in a Cold Dark Matter cosmogony is investigated by following the evolution of dark and baryonic matter and of the frequency-dependent spatially averaged radiation eld. The gas is allowed to form stars which are independently treated as a fourth collisionless component. By supernovae, energy and metal enriched gas is returned to the interstellar medium. Two extreme cases, the formation of an isolated eld galaxy and the merging of two gas rich proto spirals are considered the latter being used as a model for galaxy formation in a cluster.

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Edgar H. Schein – La culture organisationnelle

Si aujourd’hui Edgar Schein se distingue par ses travaux sur la culture organisationnelle, il a également largement contribué à la compréhension des comportements humains, dans les groupes et les organisations. Dès son premier ouvrage, il souligne l’évolution nécessaire de la pensée psychologique vers une nouvelle approche de l’organisation. Il estime que « l’organisation est une structure sociale complexe qu’il faut étudier en tant que système global pour bien comprendre le comportement individuel de ses membres. » (Schein, 1971 : 3). La psychologie industrielle axée sur les individus va orienter sa réflexion vers les systèmes. À partir de là, Edgar Schein met tout d’abord en évidence un modèle de développement des carrières professionnelles au sein des organisations. Ensuite, en élargissant sa problématique à l’organisation comme structure sociale, il se penche sur le concept de culture organisationnelle. Il s’intéresse alors à l’impact de cette culture sur le développement des groupes et des organisations.

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Modelling Local Gravity Anomalies from Processed Observed Gravity Measurements for Geodetic Applicat

As the application of gravity data in applied sciences such as geodesy, geodynamics, astronomy, physics and geophysics for earth shape determination, geoid model determination, computation of terrestrial mass displacement, orbit computation of natural and artificial celestial bodies, realization of force standards and derived quantities and density distribution in the different layers in the upper crust and having considered the cost of direct gravity survey, the study presents modelling local gravity anomalies from processed observed gravity measurements for geodetic application in Benin City. A total of 22 points were used. The points were respectively observed with CHC900 dual frequency GNSS receivers and SCINTREX CG-5 Autograv to obtain their coordinates and absolute gravity values. The theoretical gravity values of the points were computed on the Clarke 1880 ellipsoid to obtain their local gravity anomalies. The free air and the Bouguer corrections were applied to the computed gravity anomalies to obtain the free air and the Bouguer gravity anomalies of the points. Least squares adjustment technique was applied to obtain the model variables coefficient/parameters, as well as to fit the fifth-degree polynomial interpolation surface to the computed free air and the Bouguer gravity anomalies. Kriging method was applied using Surfer 12 software to plot the computed and the models' free air and Bouguer gravity anomalies. Microsoft Excel programs were developed for the application of the models in the study area. The Root Mean Square Errors (RMSEs) and the standard errors of the two models were computed to obtain the dependability, as well as reliability of the models. It is recommended that whenever either free air or Bouguer gravity anomalies of points within Benin City are to be obtained for application in applied sciences, the determined models should be applied.

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