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11 secrets de la course a pied

Débuter la course à pied - Passer de 30 mn à 1h - L'endurance fondamentale - Déterminer sa fréquence cardiaque maximale - Déterminer sa vitesse maximale aérobie - La récupération - L'hydratation en course à pied - Nombre de séances par semaine - L'entrainement 10 km - L'entrainement semi marathon - L'entrainement marathon - Par la suite

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Dark Side of the Light: Slavery and the French Enlightenment

Enlightenment thinkers such as Rousseau and Montesquieu are best known for their humanist theories and liberating influence on Western civilization. But as renowned French intellectual Louis Sala-Molins shows, Enlightenment discourses and scholars were also complicit in the Atlantic slave trade, becoming instruments of oppression and inequality. Translated into English for the first time, Dark Side of the Light scrutinizes Condorcet’s Reflections on Negro Slavery and the works of Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Diderot side by side with the Code Noir (the royal document that codified the rules of French Caribbean slavery) in order to uncover attempts to uphold the humanist project of the Enlightenment while simultaneously justifying slavery. Wielding the pen of both the ironist and the moralist, Sala-Molins demonstrates the flawed nature of these attempts and the reasons given for this denial of rights, from the imperatives of public order to the incomplete humanity of the slave (and thus the need for his progressive humanization through slavery), to the economic prosperity that depended on his labor. At the same time, Sala-Molins uses the techniques of literature to give equal weight to the perspective of the “barefooted, the starving, and the slaves” through expository prose and scenes between slave and philosopher, giving moral agency and flesh-and-blood dimensions to issues most often treated as abstractions. Both an urgent critique and a measured analysis, Dark Side of the Light reveals the moral paradoxes of Enlightenment philosophies and their world-changing consequences. Louis Sala-Molins is a moral and political philosopher and emeritus professor at the University of Toulouse. He is the author of many books, including Le Code Noir, ou Le calvaire de Canaan and L’Afrique aux Am?riques. John Conteh-Morgan is associate professor of French and Francophone, African-American, and African studies at Ohio State University. He is the author of Theatre and Drama in Francophone Africa: A Critical Introduction.

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World of Hacker

This book is dedicated to anyone who aspires to enter the world of hacker and of course this book is divided into several sections in The beginning is a special lesson for beginners, which is a comprehensive information and important terminology in the world of hacker And penetration and then a lesson on the IP and methods of collection and analysis and its importance in the world of penetration and entry The real to the world of hacker and initially explain Trojonat and preparation of the server and then explain the methods of reporting and then explain programs The client ... of course this part I and I will. In the second part we enter the world of encryption and methods Manipulate values ​​to hide the server from the protection programs and then explain the methods of sending Bach art and skill and methods To penetrate through security vulnerabilities

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اﻟﺘﺠﺎرة اﻹﻟﻜﱰوﻧﯿﺔ

إﻟﻰ ئ ،،، اﻟﻘﺎر اﻟﻌﺰﯾﺰ ﺣﺮﺻﺖ اﻟﻤﻮﺳﻮﻋﺔ اﻟﻌﺮﺑﯿﺔ ﻟﻠﻜﻤﺒ ﯿﻮﺗﺮ ﺖ واﻹﻧﺘﺮﻧ _ ﺐ وﻣﻦ ﻣﻨﻄﻠﻖ اﻫﺘﻤﺎﻣﻬﺎ اﻟﻌﺎم ﺑﻌﻠﻮم اﻟﺤﺎﺳ واﻟﺘﻘﻨﯿﺔ واﻫﺘﻤﺎﻣﻬﺎ اﻟﺨﺎص ﺑﺘﻘﺪﯾﻢ ﻫﺬه اﻟﻌﻠﻮم ﺑﺎﻟﻠﻐﺔ اﻟﻌﺮﺑﯿﺔ _ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺗﻘﺪﯾﻢ ﻫﺬه اﻟﺴﻠﺴﺔ ﻣﻦ اﻟﻜﺘﺐ ﺔ اﻹﻟﻜﺘﺮوﻧﯿ اﻟﺘﻰ ﻧﺘﻤﻨﻰأن ﺗﺤﻘﻖ ﻃﻤﻮﺣﺎت ئ اﻟﻘﺎر اﻟﻌﺮﺑﻰ اﻟﺬى اﻋﺘﺎد ﻋﻠﻰ ﻗﺮاءة د أﺟﻮ اﻟﻤﻄﺒﻮﻋﺎت ﺑﻜﺎﻓﺔ اﻟﻠﻐﺎت اﻟﻌﺎﻟﻤﯿﺔ . إن اﻟﻤﻮﺳﻮﻋﺔ اﻟﻌﺮﺑﯿﺔ_ ﻣﻦ ﺧﻼل ﻫﺬه اﻟﺴﻠﺴﻠﺔ _ ﻣﻦٍ ﺗﻄﻤﺢ ﻟﺘﻘﺪﯾﻢ ﺳﻠﺴﻠﺔ ﻣﻦ اﻟﻜﺘﺐ ﺑﻤﺴﺘﻮى ﻋﺎل ء ، اﻟﺠﻮدة اﻟﺸﻲ ، _ اﻟﺬى ﻟﻦ ﯾﺘﺤﻘﻖ ﺑﺪون ﻣﻼﺣﻈﺎﺗﻜﻢ واﻗﺘﺮاﺣﺎﺗﻜﻢ ﺣﻮل اﻟﺴﻠﺴﻠﺔ ﻃﺮﯾﻘﺔ اﻟﻜﺘﺎﺑﺔ اﻷﺧﻄﺎء ﺔ اﻹﻣﻼﺋﯿ ج ، ﻃﺮﯾﻘﺔ ﻧﺸﺮ اﻟﻜﺘﺎب وﺗﻮزﯾﻌﻪ ، اﻟﺘﻨﻈﯿﻢ واﻟﺘﺮﺗﯿﺐ ، واﻟﻨﺤﻮﯾﺔ اﻹﺧﺮا اﻟﻔﻨﻰ ... ﺦ

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lord of the flies

Search for any book or any question HOMEWORK HELP > LORD OF THE FLIES Please give a description of the island in William Golding's Lord of the Flies. print Print document PDF list Cite Expert Answers info Lori Steinbach eNotes educator | Certified Educator In the opening paragraph of William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the author makes it clear that this is a tropical island. It is lush and green and beautiful--and running right through all this beautiful green lushness is a "scar" left by the cabin of the airplane when it crashed last night. This prepares us for both beauty and ugliness on the rest of the island. This is an island, so of course there is a beach; this particular beach also has a lagoon. This will become the meeting place for the boys throughout the novel. [T]he beach was interrupted abruptly by the square motif of the landscape; a great platform of pink granite thrust up uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and lagoon to make a raised jetty four feet high. The top of this was covered with a thin layer of soil and coarse grass and shaded with young palm trees. There was not enough soil for them to grow to any height and when they reached perhaps twenty feet they fell and dried, forming a criss-cross pattern of trunks, very convenient to sit on. The palms that still stood made a green roof, covered on the underside with a quivering tangle of reflections from the lagoon. Here the boys will make plans and have some fun, but it will also be the last place where civilized behavior will exist. Eventually the lagoon will be abandoned altogether. The island also has a mountain. When Jack, Ralph, and Simon explore the mountain, they discover an entirely different terrain than the jungle or the beach. Here there are large rocks and boulders, and they form a kind of structure with a bridge which the boys call a "fort." It is this fort which will eventually become the headquarters for Jack and his tribe of "savages." Clearly this is a beautiful tropical island; however, it is a flawed beauty, symbolic of the evil which comes from having no restraints or authority.

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Traitement de données géographiques

Un livre qui va droit au but en vous donnant des idées sur les documents en géographie.

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Hghlighted in Yellow-مميز بالأصفر

A short course in living wisely and choosing well. مقرر مختصر في العيش بحكمة والاختيار بدكاء

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According to experts, about 20-40% of adults have insomnia in the course of any year and 1 out of 3 people have insomnia at some point in their lives. This product will help you identify the symptoms and risk factors of insomnia. You will discover effective night routine habits and healthy lifestyle changes for better sleep quality. Also you will learn how to get rid of insomnia using natural and artificial remedies. Some of the topics are: The science behind insomnia and how you can prevent insomnia from taking over your life How brainwaves can affect an insomniac's sleeping patterns How insomnia can destroy your life, relationship and productivity Ways to cure insomnia using natural and artificial remedies Healthy lifestyle modifications anyone can apply for good sleep Effective night routine habits for high quality sleep And much more!

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Patron Saint and Prophet: Jan Hus in the Bohemian and German Reformations

The Bohemian preacher and religious reformer Jan Hus has been celebrated as a de facto saint since being burned at the stake as a heretic in 1415. Patron Saint and Prophet analyzes Hus's commemoration from the time of his death until the middle of the following century, tracing the ways in which both his supporters and his most outspoken opponents sought to determine whether he would be remembered as a heretic or saint. Phillip Haberkern examines how specific historical conflicts and exigencies affected the evolution of Hus's memory-within the militant Hussite movement that flourished until the mid-1430s, within the Czech Utraquist church that succeeded it, and among sixteenth-century Lutherans who viewed Hus as a forerunner and even prophet of their reform.Using close readings of written sources such as sermons and church histories, visual media including manuscript illuminations and monumental art, and oral forms of discourse such as vernacular songs and liturgical prayers, this book offers a fascinating account of how changes in media technology complemented the shifting theology of the cult of saints in order to shape early modern commemorative practices. By focusing on the ways in which the invocation of Hus catalyzed religious dissent within two distinct historical contexts, Haberkern compares the role of memory in late medieval Bohemia with the emergence of history as a constitutive religious discourse in the early modern German land. In this way, he also provides a detailed analysis of the ways in which Bohemian and German religious reformers justified their dissent from the Roman Church by invoking the past

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The hypothetical possibilities of the infectious genesis of malignant diseases in the past could not be confirmed,in proportion to the degree of development of science and technology development level. Contemporaneous medicine hasnumerous proves of these possibilities. Among them, the evident coherency of borrelia burgdorfferi (bb) with differentkinds of primary skin lymphoma (1), but it is certainly necessary to do a lot of additional scientific research to get the exactanswers to many unknown immunogenic mechanisms, which bring to that condition.Modern studies show great difference and prevalence rates, which could be consequence of geographicalheterogeneity and variability of bb, and common participation of numerous other zoonotic and non-zoonotic agents in cotransmission,co-infections and their contribution to chronic Lyme borreliosis (LB), as well as many other factors, whichusually proceed to a development of malignant diseases (2).Our investigation during the period from 2015 - 2018, even in modest possibilities and confined diagnosticconditions, were directed onto four cases, in which epidemiological, clinical data, laboratory and pathohystologicaldiagnostic allowed assumptions about possibilities that bb is the causer and/or actuator of malignant course of the disease.In diagnosis, besides serological Elisa test onto specific bb antibodies, and confirmative (WB) test was used too.Prevalence bb DNA was researching with the help of three different Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) protocols.Bb DNA was detected in all four cases. Direct sequencing of cleansed PCR products confirmed specificityamplified fragments. The specificity is evaluated using the tools for research the basic local alignments and with a use ofadequate software for research the basic local alignments and with use of adequate software for inquiring heterogeneity(Multalin software) of the aimed sequences of the genes in different bioptic samples.

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6 Ways to Make Money with Advertising on Your Blog and the Websites to Help You

6 Ways to Make Money With Advertising on Your Blog and the Websites To Help You Without a doubt, Google Adsense is the go-to source of income for most bloggers. Most new blogs with some decent traffic set up Google ads on their website. But there are times when Google Adsense becomes a less-than-ideal option for your blog. Here are some scenarios: Your Adsense account doesn’t get approved You’re not happy with what you’re making with Adsense and want to explore new ways Your account is disabled or banned for reasons unbeknown to you Whatever the reason, there are some Google Adsense alternatives that you can keep handy for future or start using them once you’ve done reading this post. 6 ways to make money with advertising There are many ways to make money blogging. Here are some of the ways to make money with advertising on your blog. Pay per click advertising Sell your own advertising on your blog Sell text links on your blog CPM ad networks Pop-ups Paid reviews Some facts on blogs that make money Blogging has moved from the tech geeks domain to “new media”. It is now cool and can be very lucrative. Before we dive in here are some interesting facts about some blogs that make serious money. Ways to Make Money Advertising on your blog 1. Pay per click advertising Pay-Per-Click ads, also known as Cost Per Click or CPC, is one of the most common models of internet advertising. It simply means an advertiser will pay you once someone clicks on their ad. Infolinks 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 1 Infolinks is one of the best ways to implement in-text advertising on your blog. It offers publishers a 70% revenue share and follows a PPC (pay-per-click) model. In-text ads are double-underlined words on a page that show up as ads when clicked. Infolinks also offers other options such as insearch ads, intag ads and inframe ads. They pay you via Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Payoneer, eCheck or Western Union once you reach the initial limit of $50 for Paypal or eCheck or $100 for Wire Transfer and WU, so it depends on the mode of payment you’ve chosen. 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 2 is another big alternative to Adsense and is powered by the Yahoo Bing Network. The ads featured are contextual focusing on relevant keywords and that takes some time before they are optimized for your site. As you keep using this network, soon the algorithm will determine the best keywords for your audience based on the clicks. As opposed to Adsense, assigns a dedicated Account rep who can also suggest you ways to making more revenues from your ads. The money transfer options are wire transfer or Paypal. Minimum threshold for payouts is $100. Chitika 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 3 Chitika is another alternative that only serves contextual ads and offers a CPC program. You can customize your ads and use them along with, if not instead of, Google Adsense with no problems. The best thing? They have a small minimum threshold of $10 if getting paid via Paypal. If you’re opting to get paid via check, the threshold is $50. 2. Sell ads on your blog If you’re already getting a decent traffic, you may want to take things in your control and sell direct ads on your website. All you need is an “Advertise with us” page on your blog listing out the different formats of ads available and how much it costs per month. Make sure to mention your Alexa rank, Google PageRank, and other traffic stats for buyers to know. But if you want to save yourself the hassle of selling, you can use the following third-party alternatives to sell ads on your blog: BuySellAds 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 4 BuySellAds is an online ad-marketplace where you can list your ads for others to buy. They don’t accept low traffic blogs so if you’re just starting out, you may want to wait for at least a few months before you start generating good traffic. BuySellAds gives 75% of the total earnings to its publishers, which is pretty decent. There is no minimum threshold for payouts and you can remove money two times every month to your Paypal. BlogAds 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 5 BlogAds works in a similar manner as BuySellAds. They keep 30% of all ad sales as their commission. If you refer new users, you can earn a cool 15% of the earnings also. If you’re receiving money via Paypal, you need to have minimum funds of $75 and for Check or Wire Transfer, it’s $750. 3. Sell text links on your blog If you get good organic traffic on your blog, you can try text-link ads where you link a piece of text on your site to another page on a different site. Before you try these, make sure you use the Nofollow tag to combat any possible Google penalty. LinkWorth 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 6 LinkWorth is a popular text-link network where you’ll also find options to use rotating text ads, paid reviews etc. Minimum threshold for payouts is $25 if you’re using Paypal, and $100 for Check, Wire Transfer and EFT. Click here to subscribe 4. “Cost per Click” ad networks So far we’ve been looking at mostly CPC (Cost Per Click) model for ads. CPC means the advertiser pays you when someone clicks through their ads. An alternative to this is CPM (Cost per Thousand) where you are paid for every 1,000 ad impressions served. With CPC, your income can vary hugely but that isn’t the case with CPM. If your CPM network sets your CPM at, let’s say, $5 per 100,000 impressions then you will make $500 in total when that number is reached. PulsePoint 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 7 PulsePoint is a popular CPM network where you can set your own CPM prices. In order to be accepted in their network your site needs to have good amount of original content. They mostly sell to a US-based traffic. When setting the price, set a higher price than you make on your backup (example Adsense). If they can’t beat that price, your backup is displayed. You receive your earnings every 45 days via EFT, Paypal or check. 5. Pop-ups Granted, many advertisers and bloggers dislike popup ads but it’s still an option. You can display these ads as pop-ups or pop-unders PopAds 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 8 PopAds offers pop-under ads and works quite well with an English-speaking traffic. You set your own price and the popunder frequency for each visitor. You can get paid via AlertPay, Paypal, and Wire Transfer, and you can withdraw payments any time. They also run a referral program at 10% of the earnings. 6. Paid reviews You can make some good money by publishing reviews on various products and services that you trust. The best thing about this arrangement is you command a price per review. I’ve seen websites asking anywhere from $150 to $500 for reviews. Of course it depends on your rank and incoming traffic as well as your niche. SponsoredReviews 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 9 SponsoredReviews allows advertisers to build backlinks and bloggers to make money. It connects bloggers with Search Engine Optimizers, Marketers and Advertisers who want to build traffic. You can offer writing paid posts on your blog to their network of hundreds of advertisers. Set your own price per piece. And you’re not expected to write positive reviews only – honest and in-depth posts are welcome. Payments are made bi-weekly via Paypal. PayU2Blog 10 Lip-Smacking Google Adsense Alternatives to Make Money Blogging 10 PayU2Blog is another alternative for getting paid to write blog posts on your site. Not all blogs are taken in, so you may want to sign up and wait before you know. PayU2Blog works a little differently in that they assign you a blog post topic in areas such as real estate, health, retail, etc. You don’t have to write glorious reviews or endorse anything if you don’t believe in a product or service.Personal experience, honest opinions are encouraged. You get paid via Paypal every two weeks. Over to you There you go. Some of these are ad networks while others are sponsored posts and reviews that don’t use ads at all. There are still other ways to make money, such as using affiliate networks such as Amazon Associates, so your options are wide open. The secret is to continuously “diversify” your income streams. And the best part? Most of these options can still be used along with Google Adsense. Which ones are your favorites? Guest Author: Pooja Lohana is an Online Business Coach + Writer & Editor. She helps entrepreneurs shine their blog and copy, and simplifies online marketing so they can make more sales and live the Un-9-5 life. Check out her step-by-step course on breaking into freelance writing.

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Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2) : Cavalry

The mounted troops of the Hapsburg Empire comprised one of the most powerful forces of the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815). However, from the outset the cavalry's higher command was less capable than its infantry counterpart: appointments were influenced by nepotism and politics, which resulted in commands often being given to those who lacked experience. The cavalry underwent many re-organisations and expansions in the course of the wars that attempted to redress these matters, and to modernise the force as a whole. This title examines these processes and documents in detail the tactics, uniforms and equipment of the Austrian cavalry, covering Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Chevauxlegers, Hussars, Uhlan (lancer) and auxiliary units.

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UMass Lowell Continuing Education Catalog Fall 1997

The fall 1997 UMass Lowell continuing education course catalog.

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UMass Lowell Continuing Education Catalog Fall 2006

The fall 2006 UMass Lowell continuing education course catalog.

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UMass Lowell Continuing Education Catalog Fall 2010

The fall 2010 UMass Lowell continuing education course catalog.

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UMass Lowell Continuing Education Catalog Fall 2009

The fall 2009 UMass Lowell continuing education course catalog.

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UMass Lowell Continuing Education Catalog Fall 2007

The fall 2007 UMass Lowell continuing education course catalog.

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109. IJMPERDJUN 2019109

The continuous increase of demand for energy, diminution of oil recourses and stringent pollution normsencourage the researchers to find alternate fuels. Waste converted to fuel, a technique to get alternate fuels is anupcoming research. Waste plastic converted to liquid fuel is another alternate energy source path, which can contributeto depletion of fossil fuels and to help avoiding landfills. Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel enginefuelled with waste plastic oil were investigated. Diesel was replaced by various percentages of 10, 20, and 30% by volumewith waste plastic oil. From the obtained results, observed the improvement in brake thermal efficiency (Bthe) andreduction in HC and CO emissions for waste plastic oil. Waste plastic oil 30 (W30) showed 11% higher Bthe than thepure diesel operation.

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Image, Knife, and Gluepot: Early Assemblage in Manuscript and Print

In this ingenious study, Kathryn Rudy takes the reader on a journey to trace the birth, life and afterlife of a Netherlandish book of hours made in 1500. Image, Knife, and Gluepot painstakingly reconstructs the process by which this manuscript was created and discusses its significance as a text at the forefront of fifteenth-century book production, when the invention of mechanically-produced images led to the creation of new multimedia objects. Rudy then travels to the nineteenth century to examine the phenomenon of manuscript books being pillaged for their prints and drawings: she has diligently tracked down the dismembered parts of this book of hours for the first time. Image, Knife, and Gluepot also documents Rudy’s twenty-first-century research process, as she hunts through archives while grappling with the logistics and occasionally the limits of academic research. This is a timely volume, focusing on questions of materiality at the forefront of medieval and literary studies. Beautifully illustrated throughout, its use of original material and its striking interdisciplinary approach, combining book and art history, make it a significant academic achievement.Image, Knife, and Gluepot is a valuable text for any scholar in the fields of medieval studies, the history of early books and publishing, cultural history or material culture. Written in Rudy’s inimitable style, it will also be rewarding for any student enrolled in a course on manuscript production, as well as non-specialists interested in the afterlives of manuscripts and prints. The Royal Society of Edinburgh has generously contributed to this Open Access publication.Due to the number and quality of the images in this book, we have provided the option of a more expensive hardback edition, printed on the best quality paper available, in order to present the images as clearly and beautifully as possible. We hope this range of options — the freely available PDF, HTML and XML editions; the economically priced EPUB, MOBI and paperback editions; and the more expensively printed hardback — will satisfy everyone.Furthermore the HTML edition allows readers to magnify the images of the manuscripts displayed in the book.

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Fortresses of the Peninsular War 1808–14

In the course of the Peninsular War, Wellington's army fought several hard battles and smaller actions, but it was the bloody sieges that troubled him more than anything else. Indeed, the performance of his army during the sieges was probably the most disappointing aspect of what was otherwise an extremely successful campaign. Taking 1808 as its starting point, this title deals with the fortress sieges that involved Wellington's Anglo­Portuguese army, and concentrates on four key sites in particular (Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajoz, Burgos and San Sebastián). All of these played a vital role in the war due to their strategically important positions. It documents both the sieges and the storming of the fortresses, as well as the general role of the fortresses in Spain and the impact they had on the thinking of the commanders and strategies of the armies involved.

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An Introduction To Curriculum Research And Development

A major problem of mounting courses of study in curriculum and teaching has been the lack of a satisfactory British text-book. There are American text-books, but they do not suit our needs. Text-books are useful because they define the field and its problems for both stafT and students. A good text-book would need to be written by someone who was able to combine practical experience of research and development in curriculum and teaching with an extensive knowledge both of the literature and of research and development projects in which he or she had not participated. I am not equipped for this task in the extent of my reading or my knowledge of the work of the many projects carried out in recent years. But it may be that no one is. Accordingly, I have written this ‘book instead of a text-book’ in the hope that it will serve until an adequate text-book can be written. This attempt falls short in that if offers a highly personal view. I believe that a text-book should present a thesis about the field it covers; but one which takes account of a wider range of work and experience than I have been able to master. This book looks outwards from the work of my colleagues and myself consequently its over- representation tends to over-estimate its importance, by implication if not by intention Nevertheless, it has, I hope, to a greater or lesser extent, three attributes which are necessary in a text-book. It has a reasonably extensive coverage of issues and problems. It has a reasonably adequate initial bibliography to guide reading. And it demands additional reading and teaching if it is to be adequately understood. I hope that it will be of use both to those who wish to mount courses in curriculum and teaching and to anyone who is interested in introducing himself or herself to this important area of research and development. Nevertheless, it has, I hope, to a greater or lesser extent, three attributes which are necessary in a text-book. It has a reasonably extensive coverage of issues and problems. It has a reasonably adequate initial bibliography to guide reading. And it demands additional reading and teaching if it is to be adequately understood. I hope that it will be of use both to those who wish to mount courses in curriculum and teaching and to anyone who is interested in introducing himself or herself to this important area of research and development.

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Janet Cotterill Language Across Boundaries

A collection of papers on crossing boundaries, whether psychologal or physical, by eminent applied linguists. Language across Boundaries is a selection of papers from the millennium conference of the British Association of Applied Linguistics. The thirteen papers are written by applied linguists, from Britain, mainland Europe, the USA, Australia and Singapore, working in a variety of sub-disciplines of the field. The 'boundaries' of the title have been widely interpreted and the book reflects a spectrum of research, ranging from work on the linguistic repercussions of individual and group identity boundaries to work dealing with ways of crossing national and cultural boundaries through language learning and language mediation in the form of translation. Included in the volumes are the plenary papers given by Jennifer Coates, well known for her work on language and gender, on the expression of alternative masculinities; and by Bencie Woll, holder of the first chair of Sign Language and Deaf Studies in the UK, on the insights to be gained from sign language in exploring language, culture and identity.Janet Cotterill is Lecturer in Language and Communication in the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University, and Director of the Forensic Linguistics Research Group. Anne Ife is Principal Lecturer in Spanish and Applied Linguistics and Director of Postgraduate Studies (Humanities and Arts) at Anglia Polytechnic University in Cambridge.Table of contentsIntroduction; 1. Pushing at the boundaries: the expression of alternative masculinities; Jennifer Coates; 2. The effect of social class and ethnicity on the discursive negotiation of femininities in the talk of British Bangladeshi girls; Pia Pichler; 3. I'm glad you're not a knitting gran: non-normative family and locale discourses; Joanne Winter; 4. Exploring Language, culture and identity: insights from sign language; Bernie Woll; 5. Global politics and the Englishes of the world; T. Ruanni Tupas; 6. Panjabi/Urdu in Sheffield: a case study of language maintenance and language loss; Mike Reynolds; 7. Cross-language metaphors: parents and children, love, marriage and divorce in the European family; Andreas Musolff; 8. Making sense across cultures: the establishment of coherence in translated texts; Martina Ozbot; 9. Cultural resonance in English and Malay figurative phrases; Jonathan Charteris-Black; 10. Translating sociolects: a paradigm of ideological issues in translation?; Ineke Wallaert; 11. Mother culture impact on foreign language reading comprehension; Denise Cloonan Cortez; 12. A corpus-based analysis of academic lectures across disciplines; Hilary Nesi; 13. Learning discourse; Rob Batstone.

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The Detachment of the Homogenizing discourse and lived for Resettled Hydropower plant Irapé: the Landscape of Reification of Logic and the “Development”

This work intends to present the mechanisms used by the "development" and the experiences of the people compulsorily displaced due to the Irapé HPP in the Jequitinhonha Valley, stigmatized as a "valley of misery". For this purpose, literature review, qualitative research, case study, field work, etc. It was carried in October Also Analyzes the Disproportionate power to suppress rights and lead the population to accept the "rules of the game". The pressures for homogenization que Suppresses the socio-cultural diversities of the "being and doing" of the peasant, the emptying and disqualification of the confrontations that make invisible the social movements. The relativization of the symbolic value of land, inheritance, traditions, way of life and the multiple uses of land and nature, Which are despised by entrepreneurs. In this way, the resolution of conflicts is enabled by reification, Which Merely prioritizes the economic logic, Which Understands the people of the place object to another in the natural landscape.

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Handling Medical Emergencies

Documents pertaining to the "Handling Medical Emergencies" course I completed, including certificate of completion.

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3 النحو الواضح في قواعد اللغة العربية للمرحلة الابتدائية

النحو الواضح في قواعد اللغة العربية: قال المؤلفان: « .. وقد نحونا في هذا الكتاب طريقة الاستنباط التي هي أكثر طرق التعليم قربًا إلى عقول الأطفال، وأثبتها أثرًا في نفوسهم، وأقربها إلى المنطق؛ لأنها خيرُ دافعٍ إلى التفكير والبحث، وتعرّف وجوه المُشابهة والمُخالفة بين الأشباه والأضداد؛ فقد أكثرنا من الأمثلة التي تستنبط منها القواعد، على طرازٍ حديثٍ لم يسبق له مثال ..

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النحو الواضح في قواعد اللغة العربية للمرحلة الابتدائية

النحو الواضح في قواعد اللغة العربية: قال المؤلفان: « .. وقد نحونا في هذا الكتاب طريقة الاستنباط التي هي أكثر طرق التعليم قربًا إلى عقول الأطفال، وأثبتها أثرًا في نفوسهم، وأقربها إلى المنطق؛ لأنها خيرُ دافعٍ إلى التفكير والبحث، وتعرّف وجوه المُشابهة والمُخالفة بين الأشباه والأضداد؛ فقد أكثرنا من الأمثلة التي تستنبط منها القواعد، على طرازٍ حديثٍ لم يسبق له مثال .. ».

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النحو الواضح في قواعد اللغة العربية للمرحلة الابتدائية

النحو الواضح في قواعد اللغة العربية: قال المؤلفان: « .. وقد نحونا في هذا الكتاب طريقة الاستنباط التي هي أكثر طرق التعليم قربًا إلى عقول الأطفال، وأثبتها أثرًا في نفوسهم، وأقربها إلى المنطق؛ لأنها خيرُ دافعٍ إلى التفكير والبحث، وتعرّف وجوه المُشابهة والمُخالفة بين الأشباه والأضداد؛ فقد أكثرنا من الأمثلة التي تستنبط منها القواعد، على طرازٍ حديثٍ لم يسبق له مثال ..

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Workers Compensation Physical Therapy

ContactAddress: 2279 Cоney Island Avenue, suite 200C Brooklyn, NY 11223Phone: (347) 344-5971Website URL: Category: Medical Clinic About USPhysical therapists are extensively trained health care professionals who can diagnose and treat problems with mobility or lost function. Their expertise is key to both short-term and long-term recovery from many different types of injuries. When you go to a workers’ comp physical therapy appointment, you can expect a thorough evaluation. After assessing your injuries and following your doctors’ orders, the physical therapist creates a treatment plan to provide focused exercises and techniques to help you return to your previous level of activity or function. The plan includes strategies for decreasing your pain and restoring lost function or mobility. Massage therapy is one of the treatments that your physical therapist may recommend as part of your rehabilitation plan. Workers’ comp massage therapy helps speed the healing process in a variety of injuries that occur on the job, such as back, neck and shoulder injuries. Under the care of a physical therapist, you work toward optimum wellness and recovery. Your physical therapist explains the expected course of treatment that’s required for rehabilitation. The best reason to choose this New York City physical therapy practice for any orthopedic, spinal, muscular or skeletal issues is the team. The principals — Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky DC, Dr. Natalya Fazylova DNP; and Anna Fyodorova DPT — are on top of their fields. Both Dr. Lipnitsky and Dr. Fazylova are sought-after sources and are widely quoted. Related Searches Work Comp Physical Therapy Brooklyn |  Workers Compensation Physical Therapy Brooklyn |   Work Compensation Physical Therapy Brooklyn |  Workers Comp Physical Therapy Brooklyn |  Brooklyn |  NY. Additional DetailHours: Mon, Wed, Fri 8 a.m - 8 p.m Tues, Thus 8 a.m - 4 p.m Payment Methods: All Cc, Cash   Social Profile Listing

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