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How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Please be advised that funds can only be withdrawn from your available balance, Withdrawal requests are automatic and no action is required for users.

Please note the following important points:

The minimum amount to withdraw is $50

The withdrawal fee is between $5 to 50$ (Western Union Or bitcoin).

There is no withdrawal fee for PayPal.

You will be notified via email once your withdrawal request has been processed by Lbrry.

All accounts have a primary payment method

Example : ''Western union'' , ''Bitcoin'' , "PayPal"

For other methods ( Mastercard, Visa) will be available later.  

Your billing threshold is initially set at a certain amount. 

Each time your account hits its threshold at the 30-day your request for widthraw will e processed , but if your account don't hits its threshold at the 30-day you mast wait even the 30 of the next month.

The payment is made on the 1st of each month.

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How do I withdraw funds from my account?
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