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What's our Usage Policy?

Usage Policy

Before you publish your first book, you must accept your use of

You may not like all the content you see on lbrry, but if you think that some content is inappropriate, please use the reporting feature to submit the content for review by our team. The team scrutinizes content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to determine if it violates the site's guidelines.

Here are some logical rules that will help you stay away from problems.

Content including nudity or sexual scenes

The site is not intended for the publication of pornographic material or sexually explicit content. If the content you want to publish contains this type of content, do not publish it, even if you appear in your own video.

Harmful or dangerous content

Please do not post content that encourages others, especially children, to engage in activities that may cause harm.

Hateful content

Of course, on our site, you are free to express, but that does not mean that we support content that encourages violence against individuals or groups, based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, military status, sexual orientation, etc. Or content primarily intended to incite hatred based on these key characteristics.

Harassment and cyberbullying

You have absolutely no right to post offensive content and comments about Lbrry. When the harassment crosses borders to become a malicious attack, the content in question can be reported and deleted.

Spam, misleading metadata and phishing

Do not create deceptive descriptions, tags or URLs to increase the number of views. No significant amount of untargeted, unwanted or repeated content, including comments, can be published.

The threats

On Lbrry, we take full account of certain harmful behaviors, stems, threats, harassment, intimidation, violation of privacy, disclosure of personal information to other people and incitement to the commission of acts of violence or violation "Terms of Use". You may be permanently blocked to access your account on the site.


Each content publisher must respect the copyright and upload the content that you have created or are authorized to use only. This means that you can not upload content that you have not created yourself, or use copyrighted content in your files, such as titles, photos, compositions, or excerpts from books protected by copyright or content created by other users without the necessary permissions. Please visit the Copyright Center for more information.

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